Book Giveaways Help Spread the #booklove to Children

Being a Title 1 5th grade reading teacher, students come to me never being successful in reading and often hating reading.  My mission is to change that.  One way to help students find his or her love for reading is simply letting students read what they want to read.  One way to achieve that is to buy a lot of books for my classroom library.

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I love to enter giveaways that help me in that endeavor.  I most recently won a Summer Book Giveaway by the talented children’s author, Rebecca Behrens.  You can tweet her @rebeccabehrens.  Here is what I won:

giveaway books 054

Along with giving me 5 books of her latest book, Summer of Lost and Found, Rebecca Behrens sent me Summer of Lost and Found postcards & bookmarks and When Audrey Met Alice bookmarks to give to my students.  She also added two books by Caroline Starr Rose–May B and Blue Birds and also the book, My Diary from the Edge of the World by Jodi Lynn Anderson.  She also included a cute ampersand book bag.  Rebecca Behrens also included a cute little note to me, which included a picture of books and a cat.  She doesn’t know it, but cats and books are my favorite theme.  Note the picture below.  It is a picture of my favorite book bag–all due to the cat and the books.

giveaway books 056

I enter a lot of middle-grade book giveaways, but I must be lucky in the Summer Book Giveaways from authors who also send a tote along with the giveaway.  Last year, I won the Kirby Larson Summer Book Giveaway.  Here is a picture from that giveaway:

giveaway books 058

In this giveaway, Kirby Larson sent me two of her books, Hattie Big Sky and Hattie Ever After.  Along with her two books, she also sent me the books, The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher by Dana Alison Levy, The Trouble with May Amelia by Jennifer L. Holm and Beholding Bee by Kimberly Newton Fusco.  Larson also sent the cute book bag.  If you can not read the hashtag, it says #READLIKEAGIRL.

Now, what do I do with all these books that I buy and win?  One thing I do is put them into my library.  Another thing I do is give them away to my students.  More often than not, my students do not have access to books at home.  To help them in the endeavor of having books in the home, I give the books away.  At Meet the Teacher Night, I had a bunch of books laid out on tables.  Students were allowed to take up to five books home.  Some were brand new and some were gently used.

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Each year my school puts on a Family Reading Night.  All students leave the event with at least one book.  Others leave with many books.  Larson’s and Behren’s donation will go towards next year’s reading event.  I like to give brand new books at that event.  There are a couple of sources I use.  I get the 50 books for $50 from Scholastic.  I also use  FirstBook is an organization that will sell me brand new books cheaply because I teach at a Title 1 school.  I was busy storytelling, so I didn’t get a picture of the books that were given away, but here is my school’s little advertisement:

giveaway books

Another way books get into the hands of my students is to award students with books for perfect attendance.  One of the goals of my school was to raise the attendance rate.  I really don’t believe in little trinkets and silly stuff for rewards, but, boy do I believe in giving my students books.  Here are some pictures of students who got to choose which book he/she wanted when he/she got perfect attendance for the nine weeks:

             giveaway books 3 giveaway books 4      giveaway books 6.jpg   giveaway books 5.jpg

giveaway books 2.jpg   giveaway books 1.jpg

Thank you Rebecca Behrens and Kirby Larson in helping me with my endeavor!