My Favorite Books From Every Year I’ve Been Alive

This is my very first post.  This website is only about reading middle grade books–my favorite.   Middle grade books are reads read by grades 3 through 8. My first post is about my favorite books from every year I’ve been alive. I had one condition.  The books had to be middle grade books.  It took a lot of research and a lot of time to create this post. I got the inspiration to do my first post from Brandy’s blog called Random Musings of a Bibliophile.

Anyways, I made my own list.  Here it is:

1968:          ramona the pest

1969:         sounder

1970:          trumpet of the swan

    1971:    best christmas pageant ever

1972:      tales of a fourth grade nothing 1

1973:     taste of blackberries

1974:  my brother sam is dead

1975:   tuck everlasting

1976:   abels island

1977:   bridge to terabithia

1978:   sideways stories

1979:   bunnicula

1980:   stone fox

1981:   nothings fair in fifth grade

1982:   bfg

1983:   witches

1984:   new kid on the block

1985:  sarah plain and tall

1986:   hatchet

1987:  theres a boy in the girls bathroom

1988:  aliens for breakfast

1989: my daniel

1990:true confessions

1991:  weasel

1992:   treasure tree

1993:    giver

1994:   walk two moons

1995:   mick harte

1996:  belle prater

1997:  wringer

1998:  holes

1999:    love from your friend

2000:   esperanza rising

2001:    love that dog

2002:   stargirl

2003:   prairie whispers

2004:  kira kira 1

2005:  book thief

2006:  hattie big sky

2007:    tall tales

2008:   hate that cat

2009:    love aubrey

2010:   tall dark and grimm

2011:   tua

2012: ivan

2013:  rump

2014:  crossover

2015: honest truth




Can’t wait to start reading those books that are published in 2018.  I will not post my favorite until 2019.  Love this list!


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Books From Every Year I’ve Been Alive

  1. Jeanne says:

    I really enjoyed your list. I’ve read many of your favorites and would count them among my favorites. Your list does make me wonder what I would put on my own list of favorites by year. One thing for sure, my list would be longer because I’ve been reading for quite a few more years! 🙂

  2. teacherolsen says:

    Love, Aubrey is one my students read in literature circles every year. I love many of these, but I think I am much further behind in getting through my TBR pile. Your 2016 list is almost an exact copy of my favorites–with the exception of Ms. Bixby’s Last Day and When Friendship Followed Me Home–lent that to my avid readers who finished fifth grade.

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